Information on Panels

The Thermodular panels by Pannelli Termici S. r. l. can be used in many applications for environments with a protected atmosphere.

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Applications vary enormously from heated rooms to air-conditioned rooms to cold storage, to pharmaceutical premises for biological or health applications.

The flexible design guides supplied with the product indicate the possible applications and assembly techniques for existing walls and ceilings and for renovation. The information provided herein is intended to assist the designer in selecting the insulating panels and the technical solutions to be used.

Design Principles

All insulating panels are affected by thermal bow, as well as external and internal panel loads.

The combination of these loads must be taken into consideration at the design stage.

Any mounting configuration that involves static problems must be specially calculated by a qualified designer.

For installation with B-S2-D0 fire behavior certification, steel accessories of suitable thickness should be used, not aluminum or of limited thickness (refer to certificates of conformity for details).

Thermal Bowing

In the presence of temperature difference between the two sides of the panel due, for example, to the exposure of one of the faces to the solar irradiation, the panel can flex.

For significant lengths or widths, this effect must be considered at the design stage. When the external face of the panel is exposed to direct sunlight, the color of the panel has a substantial effect due to the incidence of irradiation on the surface temperature.