Clean Rooms

Clean rooms frequently require the processing or storage of aseptic or hazardous materials.

The realizations of the clean rooms application are typically slicing chambers for food products, laboratories for pharmaceutical use, diagnostic clinics and healthcare applications. These applications, in fact,
require a controlled and low level of physical contamination.

The environments are classified according to the level of physical contamination that they provide themselves. This ranges from CL100,000 to CL100, with CL100 being the lowest level of contamination. They are built as a closed space, to control the amount of particles, the temperature, the pressure and the air flow and the level of contamination.

Contamination is primarily controlled by sealing the space itself, controlling pressurization and using filtering systems.

Built using highly hygienic surfaces, with a joint between panels that limits air leaks, Thermodular panels are designed to provide the criteria required for the construction of clean rooms.

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